Treatments at home – now you can not find the time

Treatments at home – now you can not find the time

Salons are closed until further notice, this does not mean, however, that you were denied access to treatments. On the contrary – many of them successfully you can do at home, with appropriate time for you. What’s more – you can find just now on in no time! You already know what you will do in the next night off?

Other treatments that can be done at home!

oiling hair

Oiling is one of the most effective ways of hair care products. The ingredients contained in the oils make the hair eventually become stronger and more flexible. The formulation also protects the strands from moisture loss and improves their structure.

The hair can be treated with oil in two basic ways:

  • Oiling cleaning – the oil was first spread on the hands and then carefully applied to dry hair. It must also be careful not to apply too much preparation.

Oiling dry

  • Oiling wet – oil is applied to the wet, washed and drained hair. This technique allows easier then wash off.

Wet oiling

It can also be applied to the hair sprayed hydrolate (or hydrating mist) or moistened aloe gel.

Most oil corresponds to half the length of the hair from the tip or on the tips. Oiling the entire head can help with dry skin, but in some people hair loss increases.

half the length of the hair from the tip

The oil should keep the hair from half an hour to several hours – depending on the needs, preferences and the time that you have available. After the treatment the oil easiest to wash with warm water and nutrient. You can also optionally wash the skin at the base of a gentle shampoo.

After the treatment the oil easiest to wash with warm water and nutrient

How to choose the right oil? The preparation should be tailored to the needs and porosity of the hair. Hair recommended, among others, linseed oil, soybean oil, jojoba and sweet almond to – coconut, argan oil and shea butter. However, not everyone is able to clearly define the type of hair, so try to test some oils to start with – mismatched will cause frizz or excessive stiffening of hair. Most supporters are coconut oil and argan oil.

How to choose the right oil?
coconut oil and argan

Oiling should be carried out once or twice a week.


Reminiscent of mesotherapy treatment performed in the beauty salon can be performed at home. There is a special derma roller, which roller is in the form of thin, very short needles (0.25-1.5 mm). It stretches the skin – the result of a mechanical micro-puncture created and developed inflammation is controlled. This leads to the stimulation of the skin’s natural regeneration. It begins with increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in skin intensely rebuilds. The skin looks more radiant, is firm and elastic, and wrinkles are shallower. With mikronakÅ‚uciom skin better absorb the active ingredients of cosmetics.

derma roller

How to use a derma Roller? How to choose the right device? What are the contraindications? You will learn from the article: Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

Chinese cupping massage

Bubble massage Chinese using the method and the vacuum suction of the skin beneath it tissues. This improves the blood circulation and promotes lymph circulation, and hence – it helps in getting rid of cellulite and improves overall skin condition. To execute a need for oil bodies, a set of bubbles Chinese and about half an hour activities.

It helps in getting rid of cellulite and improves overall skin condition.

How to perform a massage Chinese cupping at home? After cleansing the skin, apply the oil massaged place – this will be easier to move the bubble. Next:

How to perform a massage Chinese cupping at home? At the beginning you can start smaller bubbles – massage with their participation is less intense.

      • Select the appropriate size of the bubble – should probably be in your hand and massaged to fit the space

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    • Warm bubble, for example. Immersing it briefly in hot water.
    • Set on the bubble to the selected point on the body (eg. Thigh) and squeeze your tip it so that to the skin.
    • Move slowly over the skin bubble. You can perform movements from top to bottom, in the shape of circular or eights. Each side take as much attention.
    After the end of the bubble gently pry – do not peel the skin from her by force.

Massage – especially at the beginning – can cause discomfort and redness of the skin. But it is worth to do it every two to three days to achieve the desired results. One session will last for about 15-30 minutes.

Chinese cupping massage is not recommended for people with skin capillaries and veins of the problem!

Skin exfoliation feet

Exfoliation is a way to get rid of cracked, calloused and dry skin on the feet. It is an alternative to the use of files or milling. To perform the procedure need only inconspicuous-looking, special socks and an hour of free time. It is best done in early spring, autumn or winter, when rates are not exposed to UV rays. Social quarantine period is therefore also the perfect time for this type of treatment. The use of socks is not advisable for people struggling with ringworm and other skin diseases.

How to use exfoliating socks? Feet should be washed (it is worth to wash nail polish) and dry. Then you can put removed from the foil packaging of liquid exfoliating socks, and no further thicker, eg. Cotton socks. Socks exfoliants include, among others, fruit acids, which are responsible for exfoliation. Their low concentration makes, however, that the procedure is safe.

How to use exfoliating socks?

The fluid in the socks it difficult to move, so you should perform the surgery in a place where you can take a comfortable position – in a chair with a book or on the couch watching TV. Holding socks on the feet according to the recommendations on the packaging – usually one or two hours. After the procedure, feet should be washed and dried.

After a few days (usually from three to ten) feet skin starts to peel itself. During this time, should not be used pumice, peels or milling machines.