DIY conditioner for damaged hair. Only three ingredients and effect as from the living room

DIY conditioner for damaged hair. Only three ingredients and effect as from the living room

Conditioner for damaged hair with mango, eggs and oil Marula

This page conditioner of the three ingredients moisturizes the hair, give them glow, restores elasticity and healthy appearance. Its action especially appreciate posiadaczki long or dyed bands. Well check also on thin hair.

The recipe for this great conditioner for damaged hair showed on his Instagram Madina Shrienzada. Her long hair neat and more than 700 thousand. Observers are the best recommendation.

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Preparation of this nutrient is very easy, and all the ingredients you buy without a problem from the grocery store and beauty salon. You only need a mango fruit, eggs and cold pressed Marula oil.

For two servings of foods for long hair you just half a mango, one egg and two tablespoons of oil Marula. The remaining rest you can store in the refrigerator and used the next time you wash.

Fruit cut into pieces, add the rest of ingredients and zblenduj smooth. Apply on washed hair girly index. After 20 min rinse with warm water. Finished.

Madina Shrienzada advised to apply conditioner to the hair using a brush with soft bristles. Thanks rozprowadzisz it more accurately than using the same hand.

Conditioner with mango is not the only idea on the Instagramerki care. Some time ago I shared the recipe for the hit mask with cumin. Never pomyślałybyśmy, so that the seasoning is good for hair.


    How to care for the skin on the go? About this, remember flying plane

    How to care for the skin on the go? About this, remember flying plane

    Any longer journey that involves a change in environment, climate or even the quality of the water has an effect on our skin. Moreover, even an airplane flight leaves its mark on the skin, therefore, to keep it in good condition, you should be well prepared for each stage of the tour. How to care for the skin on the go?

    Cleansing the face and body

    The first and most important step in skin care, both on the road, and every day, it is thoroughly cleaning and refreshing. As a result, we get rid of all the environmental pollution and the remains of cosmetics.

    Proven patent for thorough cleaning facial make-up remover is a glove, allowing to remove make up only using water. The glove thus replaces 5 different care products – liquid makeup remover, eye makeup remover lotion, tonic, peeling and cosmetic pads. The glove facial cleanser suitable for traveling, because it is lightweight and does not take up much space in your suitcase.

    How to make the wash glove? It’s easy. Moisten it in warm water (make-up melted faster), apply to the face and hold for a few seconds. Then start gently massage the skin, but do not rub. Cleanser wash glove with a special soap or a normal, gray and Unsuspend to dry on the hook.

    During the trip, do not forget also about the purification of the whole body. This will help to firm the skin, reduce cellulite and remove dead skin. You can do it with a sponge, washer or a special glove for body massage. Remember to massage the body towards the heart – from the ankles to the knees, from the knees to the abdomen. This will ensure proper blood flow, improving circulation.

    Toning facial skin

    Toning face to restore the appropriate pH level, and also prevents the growth of microorganisms. This is extremely important, especially in humid climates and in the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the skin, eczema or zaskórnikach because the purification process maintains the pH of the skin, contrary to a layer of water and lipid. Facial Toning also provides refreshment and hydration, and skin becomes smoother, supple and ready for subsequent stages of care.

    How to apply lotion to your face? After cleansing, apply a small amount of toner on the face, neck and neckline. You can do this in two ways: hands, applying the product directly to the skin and gently patting, which stimulate circulation, or use a cotton swab, which, after soaking wipe the skin tonic.

    Moisturizing the skin and hair

    Every day, especially when traveling, moisturizing skin care is a key element. Remember about it, especially when you are using a bath of sunshine and travel by plane or car with the air conditioner. It dries the skin, causing cracking, overproduction of sebum and the formation of blackheads. When dry, air-conditioned air also suffer from your hair. How to prevent drying facial hair when traveling by plane?

    To minimize the effects of air travel, you must always remember these two points:

    • never traveling on the plane with her hair. This causes the drying of bands and their electrification. Secure before traveling band, for example, argan oil and tie in a tight bun or braid;

    never traveling on the plane with her hair.

    • give up traveling with makeup, even if the flight is expected to last “only an hour.” On dry facial makeup looks dull, and its presence hinders decent moisturizing skin when you will feel the need. Before the trip drink plenty of water and apply a moisturizing face cream firmly. If you want to take care of the face during the flight, you can take advantage of the benefits of moisturizing masks in patches.

    travel unsubscribe makeup

    If you are using away from sunbathing putting skin of the body to rapid desiccation and consequent irritation. So you can not forget to pack a suitcase of cosmetics that will maintain adequate levels of hydration of the skin, thus reducing the process of premature aging. Good cosmetics will effectively restrict the destructive effects of free radicals, protecting the body against loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

    Remember the photoprotection of the skin!

    We travel further and more and more exotic places in the world, but we forget that our skin is not suitable for aggressive temperatures. Its damage also contribute to wind and salt water, so sunscreen is a must-have in any of the travel make-up bag. Sunscreen protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation, prevent the formation of skin lesions and – importantly – regenerate existing damage fotosłoneczne. Remember to apply protective filters during the day every 3 hours trendy makeup.

    What may provide “bags” and dark circles under the eyes and how to get rid of them?

    What may provide “bags” and dark circles under the eyes and how to get rid of them?

    The characteristic swelling under the eye – “bags” and dark circles under the eyes are the problems that face many. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that these aesthetic shortcomings may indicate health problems. How to eliminate bags and dark circles under your eyes?

    – The swelling under the eye bags and dark circles are an important determinant of health. Eyelid is the thinnest skin on the human body. It includes less sebaceous glands and less fat, hence of different types of problems which it can “show through”. On the basis of the appearance of the area so you can conclude that something is wrong in the human body – explains dermatologist Alexander Żerdzińska.

    What to look for, when there is a swelling under the eye bags and dark circles, and when you go to the doctor? How to eliminate the bags and remove dark circles under your eyes? Here are some tips that should be helpful in the prevention of and fight against the “bags” and shadows.

    Swelling under the eye – “bags” and dark circles under the eyes. How to distinguish them?

    – Shadows and “bags” under the eyes are two different issues, although sometimes can occur together. How to distinguish them? Shadows visible bruising or browning in the vicinity of the lower eyelid. They are often the result of fatigue or a sleepless night. If, however, there are always shadows, it may result from the aging process, whereby as a result of the decline in production of collagen and elastin fibers, comes to “zcieńczenia” eyelid skin. They shine through the blood vessels. Another problem is the swelling under the eye, or the notorious “bags” under the eyes and swelling. Lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol and cigarettes – these factors interfere with the process of blood circulation, contributing to stagnation of blood and lymph, because of this swelling is formed – this explains the difference dermatologist Alexander Żerdzińska.

    Swelling under the eye – “bags” under the eyes dark circles: neglect or illness?

    Recognition of what actually has to deal with, whether the swelling under the eye, or the shadows, is extremely important. Why? Because lets against potential diseases, and what more can get rid of unsightly beauty shortcomings. It happens that the cause of the problem is mundane and to remove bags and dark circles under the eyes is enough to change eating habits. The problem, however, may also apply to a malfunction of the internal organs. – The swelling under the eye and dark circles under the eyes should not be treated on its own, it is better to consult a doctor. After a thorough interview will commission meeting on performance tests to exclude, for example, anemia, thyroid disease, kidney disorders, liver and allergies – Alexander warns dermatologist Żerdzińska. It is not to decide, because early diagnosis of these (but also other) health problems will take the appropriate remedies as soon as possible. And when doubts about the state of health will be dispelled, you can then decide whether and how to remove bags and dark circles under the eyes i am fashion online.

    Swelling under the eye – how to reduce, eliminate as sacks (bags) under the eyes?

    – The situation is somewhat different in the case of “bags”, and edema (swelling) under the eye. Paying attention to your diet and avoiding drugs should help to mitigate this problem. Unfortunately, the swelling under the eye is often the result of the passage of time. – The situation does not help deepening loose skin of the lower eyelid and the process of gravity that pulls down the tissue. Swelling under the eye – how to reduce the unsightly problem of how to eliminate sacks (bags) under the eyes? If massage, lymphatic drainage and regularly used creams containing in its composition, among other things caffeine or arnica does not help, recurrent swelling of the eyelids may become permanent. Fat, as usual, is deposited there, where you do not need and can also outgrow within the lower eyelid. How to eliminate bags under the eyes? In this case, the question of how to reduce the swelling under the eye, can handle only plastic surgeon who blepharoplastyki during surgery (plastic surgery of the eyelids) can remove excess fat deposits and skin laxity eliminate – explains dermatologist Alexander Żerdzińska.

    Another case is the sudden swelling under the eye, which happens usually associated with a local allergic reaction, for example. Venom or apply eye cosmetics. Sudden swelling under the eye may be a sign of acute allergic conjunctivitis. Then the recipe for how to eliminate bags under the eyes is to avoid the allergen, and if necessary, contact a doctor allergist.

    How to eliminate dark circles under your eyes?

    At the core of the formation of shadows and “bags” under the eyes are different factors. If the case breaks for dark circles under the eyes that result from the lack of sleep, it is a remedy for the imperfections will be simply solid “dose” healthy sleep. Of course, keep in mind that it is not enough one night sleep in order to eliminate the problem. Such habits have to gradually implement, but over time the positive effects became visible. But what if the problems are due to the natural aging process of the skin, and then eliminate dark circles under your eyes? – When used in a preventive anti-wrinkle creams containing retinol in sowim composition, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants failed to deal with this problem, then take advantage of aesthetic medicine treatments. Is helpful, for example, mesotherapy treatment, through which regenerant and stimulating are applied directly to the skin prick using microns. This allows you to bypass the barrier of the epidermis, through which many substances can not get through. Excessive deposition of melanin, or skin pigment, can also optically produce the effect of shadows under the eyes. The reason for this state of affairs are often genetic or excessive exposure to sunlight. How to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, in the second case? The solution is a series of hellingów, with adapted composition to the delicate skin of the eyelids, can give spectacular results. The situation is exacerbated, however, loss of fat and bones around the eye socket. This causes the eyelid, which has passed its gently concave bulge in his cheek, is separated. In this regard, how to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, aesthetic medicine also comes to help and complement deficiency tissues using small amounts of hyaluronic acid can give very satisfactory results – explains dermatologist Alexander Żerdzińska.


    Treatments at home – now you can not find the time

    Treatments at home – now you can not find the time

    Salons are closed until further notice, this does not mean, however, that you were denied access to treatments. On the contrary – many of them successfully you can do at home, with appropriate time for you. What’s more – you can find just now on in no time! You already know what you will do in the next night off?

    Other treatments that can be done at home!

    oiling hair

    Oiling is one of the most effective ways of hair care products. The ingredients contained in the oils make the hair eventually become stronger and more flexible. The formulation also protects the strands from moisture loss and improves their structure.

    The hair can be treated with oil in two basic ways:

    • Oiling cleaning – the oil was first spread on the hands and then carefully applied to dry hair. It must also be careful not to apply too much preparation.

    Oiling dry

    • Oiling wet – oil is applied to the wet, washed and drained hair. This technique allows easier then wash off.

    Wet oiling

    It can also be applied to the hair sprayed hydrolate (or hydrating mist) or moistened aloe gel.

    Most oil corresponds to half the length of the hair from the tip or on the tips. Oiling the entire head can help with dry skin, but in some people hair loss increases.

    half the length of the hair from the tip

    The oil should keep the hair from half an hour to several hours – depending on the needs, preferences and the time that you have available. After the treatment the oil easiest to wash with warm water and nutrient. You can also optionally wash the skin at the base of a gentle shampoo.

    After the treatment the oil easiest to wash with warm water and nutrient

    How to choose the right oil? The preparation should be tailored to the needs and porosity of the hair. Hair recommended, among others, linseed oil, soybean oil, jojoba and sweet almond to – coconut, argan oil and shea butter. However, not everyone is able to clearly define the type of hair, so try to test some oils to start with – mismatched will cause frizz or excessive stiffening of hair. Most supporters are coconut oil and argan oil.

    How to choose the right oil?
    coconut oil and argan

    Oiling should be carried out once or twice a week.


    Reminiscent of mesotherapy treatment performed in the beauty salon can be performed at home. There is a special derma roller, which roller is in the form of thin, very short needles (0.25-1.5 mm). It stretches the skin – the result of a mechanical micro-puncture created and developed inflammation is controlled. This leads to the stimulation of the skin’s natural regeneration. It begins with increased production of collagen and elastin, resulting in skin intensely rebuilds. The skin looks more radiant, is firm and elastic, and wrinkles are shallower. With mikronakłuciom skin better absorb the active ingredients of cosmetics.

    derma roller

    How to use a derma Roller? How to choose the right device? What are the contraindications? You will learn from the article: Derma roller – what it is, how to use it and what gives you results?

    Chinese cupping massage

    Bubble massage Chinese using the method and the vacuum suction of the skin beneath it tissues. This improves the blood circulation and promotes lymph circulation, and hence – it helps in getting rid of cellulite and improves overall skin condition. To execute a need for oil bodies, a set of bubbles Chinese and about half an hour activities.

    It helps in getting rid of cellulite and improves overall skin condition.

    How to perform a massage Chinese cupping at home? After cleansing the skin, apply the oil massaged place – this will be easier to move the bubble. Next:

    How to perform a massage Chinese cupping at home? At the beginning you can start smaller bubbles – massage with their participation is less intense.

        • Select the appropriate size of the bubble – should probably be in your hand and massaged to fit the space

      makeup blog online

      • Warm bubble, for example. Immersing it briefly in hot water.
      • Set on the bubble to the selected point on the body (eg. Thigh) and squeeze your tip it so that to the skin.
      • Move slowly over the skin bubble. You can perform movements from top to bottom, in the shape of circular or eights. Each side take as much attention.
      After the end of the bubble gently pry – do not peel the skin from her by force.

    Massage – especially at the beginning – can cause discomfort and redness of the skin. But it is worth to do it every two to three days to achieve the desired results. One session will last for about 15-30 minutes.

    Chinese cupping massage is not recommended for people with skin capillaries and veins of the problem!

    Skin exfoliation feet

    Exfoliation is a way to get rid of cracked, calloused and dry skin on the feet. It is an alternative to the use of files or milling. To perform the procedure need only inconspicuous-looking, special socks and an hour of free time. It is best done in early spring, autumn or winter, when rates are not exposed to UV rays. Social quarantine period is therefore also the perfect time for this type of treatment. The use of socks is not advisable for people struggling with ringworm and other skin diseases.

    How to use exfoliating socks? Feet should be washed (it is worth to wash nail polish) and dry. Then you can put removed from the foil packaging of liquid exfoliating socks, and no further thicker, eg. Cotton socks. Socks exfoliants include, among others, fruit acids, which are responsible for exfoliation. Their low concentration makes, however, that the procedure is safe.

    How to use exfoliating socks?

    The fluid in the socks it difficult to move, so you should perform the surgery in a place where you can take a comfortable position – in a chair with a book or on the couch watching TV. Holding socks on the feet according to the recommendations on the packaging – usually one or two hours. After the procedure, feet should be washed and dried.

    After a few days (usually from three to ten) feet skin starts to peel itself. During this time, should not be used pumice, peels or milling machines.

    Popular herb help for hair loss and reduce their oily

    Popular herb help for hair loss and reduce their oily

    Thyme effectively prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth. Appreciate it, women who grow their hair. Not everyone knows, but this herb has a strong antiseptic. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Regular use reduces oily hair and helps fight dandruff.

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    Thyme hair – how to apply?

    Thyme hair can be used in various forms. It depends on what effect you want to achieve. If you depend on reducing oily or struggle with dandruff lotion better suited (which works a little less). When your goal is to stop hair loss and accelerate the growth will be more effective wcierka.

    You should know that the use of wcierki thyme can increase oily hair. But this is not the fault of the herbs and massage the scalp. Thus stimulate follicles and stimulate hair growth, but also stimulate the sebaceous glands, which increase the production of sebum. Dandruff also advise caution. Wcierka may excessively irritate the scalp sick, causing deterioration of her condition.

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    Rinse with thyme – recipe

    Spoon or herb bag cover with a glass of water and infused covered for 20 minutes. If you decide not to thyme in sachets, you still need to strain the brew. When cool Rinse the hair.

    Wcierka of thyme – recipe

    2-3 tablespoons thyme should add water and cook, covered, for a few minutes. After cooling, strain and should be gently rubbed into the scalp massage while doing circular movements. Remember to use to the fingertips, not nails.

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    Thyme hair – action

    Thyme reduces oiliness, fights dandruff, stops hair loss and hair growth accelerates. But that’s not all girl links catalog. With regular use, you will notice that it works well and gently polishing and darkens. Your band will gain a beautiful shine. It also helps in the fight against the first gray hair. The forums women often mention this herb as an effective way to reduce silver bands.

    If you like natural ways of beauty care and you’re a fan of herbs, be sure to try the mint in hair care. Like thyme limited greasy and adds volume. Especially eager to reach for her in the hot summer days, but also works well in the winter, and care will be a great complement to wcierki thyme or rinses.