Who should and who shouldn’t use an illuminating concealer under the eyes?

Your eyes are still as bright and cheerful as a teenager’s, but the excess of daily chores has made the skin around them lose its former glow? Nothing can replace rest, but in emergency situations a brightening concealer can be a rescue.

Illuminating concealer under the eyes – who is it suitable for?

The principle is very simple with highlighters. We illuminate what needs shine! So if your complexion is grayish, earthy and it is hard to say that it is radiant, reach for a brightening concealer. We recommend concealers from makeupyes.

Fatigue, colds, lack of sleep and stress will first be visible on your face, especially where the skin is the thinnest, i.e. around the eyes. The small particles contained in the concealer will help you deal with it, will reflect the light and make your face look not only younger, but also as if you have been sleeping quite well recently.

Illuminating eye concealer – who should give it up?

If your skin is not tight and you have dark circles, discoloration and so-called dark circles under your eyes. “bags”, the illuminating concealer will not solve your problems.

The particles contained in it will additionally attract the light, which, like a spotlight, will illuminate and highlight these imperfections. The next time you’re at the drugstore or drugstore, look for a concealer.

Which illuminating concealer should you choose?

When choosing a concealer, pay attention to whether it has a conditioning effect in addition to its basic function. Look for a cosmetic whose formula contains ingredients responsible for the appropriate level of hydration, e.g. chamomile, hyaluronic acid or panthenol.

If you are allergic or have skin problems, choose a concealer that the manufacturer promises to be hypoallergenic, non-allergenic and non-irritating. Regardless of the season, it is also worth reaching for this cosmetic enriched with UV filters.

Apart from the care properties, its color is also important when choosing a concealer. To make your look brighter, choose the one that’s a shade or half a tone lighter than your foundation. A lighter color around the eyes will further illuminate them and make your face look refreshed. In turn, the brightening particles contained in the cosmetic will finish the makeup and they will be responsible for the “wow” effect.

When selecting a concealer color, not only the color is important, but also the shade. If you don’t know which one to choose, choose the one with yellowish tones. Avoid the pinkish ones. You don’t want to look like you’re allergic or end up crying?

Also consider the season and degree of tan. In summer, if you are a little tanned, you should change the concealer to a shade darker than the one used in autumn and winter. A clear concealer, instead of blending in with your skin, will not look nice on it.

How to apply a brightening concealer?

It can be said that there are two schools of application of the illuminating concealer under the eyes. With light, daily makeup, if you want to rejuvenate your face and brighten your eyes, do not apply fluid to the eye area. If you apply liquid powder to the eyelids and eyes beforehand, and on it you “put” another layer in the form of a corrector, after some time, depending on the quality of the cosmetics used, the mixed cosmetics may flake, roll, and also collapse in wrinkles, additionally visually deepening them.

On the other hand, if you are preparing a bigger exit, start your make-up by distributing the fluid all over the face, taking into account the eyes. But be careful! Apply the liquid foundation there with a sponge in a very thin layer, so that after applying the concealer, the face still looks natural and light.

Never reverse the order: foundation first, then concealer.

The foundation applied to the entire face is to smooth it out and even out the color, only then you should go to highlighting, which is why the order in which the cosmetics are applied is so important.

So let’s get to the point. How to apply concealer correctly?

Apply the illuminating concealer to cleansed and well-moisturized eye skin (day makeup) or directly onto the fluid (evening makeup).

Make a few small dots under the eyes and on the lids, then gently pat them with your fingers or a special sponge. In order not to get the “reverse panda” effect, also apply the concealer to the cheekbones and a little lower the so-called tear trough, and then thoroughly blend any difference between the foundation and the concealer. If you also want to illuminate your eyes, apply a little concealer under the brow bone. Remember that the concealer is a cosmetic denser than fluid and much more pigmented than fluid. So you only need to apply one layer. When applying the concealer, you should remember one more rule: never stretch the skin, because when it returns to its place, the cosmetic will accumulate in its hollows!