Popular herb help for hair loss and reduce their oily

Popular herb help for hair loss and reduce their oily

Thyme effectively prevents hair loss and stimulates their growth. Appreciate it, women who grow their hair. Not everyone knows, but this herb has a strong antiseptic. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Regular use reduces oily hair and helps fight dandruff.

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Thyme hair – how to apply?

Thyme hair can be used in various forms. It depends on what effect you want to achieve. If you depend on reducing oily or struggle with dandruff lotion better suited (which works a little less). When your goal is to stop hair loss and accelerate the growth will be more effective wcierka.

You should know that the use of wcierki thyme can increase oily hair. But this is not the fault of the herbs and massage the scalp. Thus stimulate follicles and stimulate hair growth, but also stimulate the sebaceous glands, which increase the production of sebum. Dandruff also advise caution. Wcierka may excessively irritate the scalp sick, causing deterioration of her condition.

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Rinse with thyme – recipe

Spoon or herb bag cover with a glass of water and infused covered for 20 minutes. If you decide not to thyme in sachets, you still need to strain the brew. When cool Rinse the hair.

Wcierka of thyme – recipe

2-3 tablespoons thyme should add water and cook, covered, for a few minutes. After cooling, strain and should be gently rubbed into the scalp massage while doing circular movements. Remember to use to the fingertips, not nails.

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Thyme hair – action

Thyme reduces oiliness, fights dandruff, stops hair loss and hair growth accelerates. But that’s not all girl links catalog. With regular use, you will notice that it works well and gently polishing and darkens. Your band will gain a beautiful shine. It also helps in the fight against the first gray hair. The forums women often mention this herb as an effective way to reduce silver bands.

If you like natural ways of beauty care and you’re a fan of herbs, be sure to try the mint in hair care. Like thyme limited greasy and adds volume. Especially eager to reach for her in the hot summer days, but also works well in the winter, and care will be a great complement to wcierki thyme or rinses.