How to care for the skin on the go? About this, remember flying plane

How to care for the skin on the go? About this, remember flying plane

Any longer journey that involves a change in environment, climate or even the quality of the water has an effect on our skin. Moreover, even an airplane flight leaves its mark on the skin, therefore, to keep it in good condition, you should be well prepared for each stage of the tour. How to care for the skin on the go?

Cleansing the face and body

The first and most important step in skin care, both on the road, and every day, it is thoroughly cleaning and refreshing. As a result, we get rid of all the environmental pollution and the remains of cosmetics.

Proven patent for thorough cleaning facial make-up remover is a glove, allowing to remove make up only using water. The glove thus replaces 5 different care products – liquid makeup remover, eye makeup remover lotion, tonic, peeling and cosmetic pads. The glove facial cleanser suitable for traveling, because it is lightweight and does not take up much space in your suitcase.

How to make the wash glove? It’s easy. Moisten it in warm water (make-up melted faster), apply to the face and hold for a few seconds. Then start gently massage the skin, but do not rub. Cleanser wash glove with a special soap or a normal, gray and Unsuspend to dry on the hook.

During the trip, do not forget also about the purification of the whole body. This will help to firm the skin, reduce cellulite and remove dead skin. You can do it with a sponge, washer or a special glove for body massage. Remember to massage the body towards the heart – from the ankles to the knees, from the knees to the abdomen. This will ensure proper blood flow, improving circulation.

Toning facial skin

Toning face to restore the appropriate pH level, and also prevents the growth of microorganisms. This is extremely important, especially in humid climates and in the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the skin, eczema or zask├│rnikach because the purification process maintains the pH of the skin, contrary to a layer of water and lipid. Facial Toning also provides refreshment and hydration, and skin becomes smoother, supple and ready for subsequent stages of care.

How to apply lotion to your face? After cleansing, apply a small amount of toner on the face, neck and neckline. You can do this in two ways: hands, applying the product directly to the skin and gently patting, which stimulate circulation, or use a cotton swab, which, after soaking wipe the skin tonic.

Moisturizing the skin and hair

Every day, especially when traveling, moisturizing skin care is a key element. Remember about it, especially when you are using a bath of sunshine and travel by plane or car with the air conditioner. It dries the skin, causing cracking, overproduction of sebum and the formation of blackheads. When dry, air-conditioned air also suffer from your hair. How to prevent drying facial hair when traveling by plane?

To minimize the effects of air travel, you must always remember these two points:

  • never traveling on the plane with her hair. This causes the drying of bands and their electrification. Secure before traveling band, for example, argan oil and tie in a tight bun or braid;

never traveling on the plane with her hair.

  • give up traveling with makeup, even if the flight is expected to last “only an hour.” On dry facial makeup looks dull, and its presence hinders decent moisturizing skin when you will feel the need. Before the trip drink plenty of water and apply a moisturizing face cream firmly. If you want to take care of the face during the flight, you can take advantage of the benefits of moisturizing masks in patches.

travel unsubscribe makeup

If you are using away from sunbathing putting skin of the body to rapid desiccation and consequent irritation. So you can not forget to pack a suitcase of cosmetics that will maintain adequate levels of hydration of the skin, thus reducing the process of premature aging. Good cosmetics will effectively restrict the destructive effects of free radicals, protecting the body against loss of elasticity and wrinkles.

Remember the photoprotection of the skin!

We travel further and more and more exotic places in the world, but we forget that our skin is not suitable for aggressive temperatures. Its damage also contribute to wind and salt water, so sunscreen is a must-have in any of the travel make-up bag. Sunscreen protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation, prevent the formation of skin lesions and – importantly – regenerate existing damage fotos┼éoneczne. Remember to apply protective filters during the day every 3 hours trendy makeup.