Firm thighs – as it is easy to say and how to do?

Firm thighs – as it is easy to say and how to do?

How firm the thighs? – Effective ways

Jędrnymi shapely legs with the thighs must not remain only in the realm of your dreams. Just a little bit of work and consequently to enjoy a dream figure. For years a little more time, so quietly zdążycie firm the thighs.

Fortunately, firm thighs without folds or orange peel fat, but with clearly rysującymi the muscles under the skin taut well are not at all something that is very difficult to get such. Well modeled buttocks or breasts. You need just a little willpower. Daily exercise and regular treatments make reaching effect after a few months.

If you think of your thighs now, certainly zdążycie before the summer. Therefore, before you start looking for a new bikini, polub few sports and cosmetics shop you must visit. Here are our suggestions.

How firm the thighs? – effective exercises

Classes start every day before breakfast. It is important that you will be fasting. Half an hour of exercise on an empty stomach can burn up energy from 60% of fats. If you exercise at home, perfect for your thighs will be: jumping rope, aerobics and treadmill; if you prefer outdoor activities: jogging. This effectively firm your thighs and improve your figure.

Great sports through which quickly sculpt will also squash, badminton and mountaineering, if you do not like indoor sports. Already squash two hours a week will make your thighs after a month will be lean and muscular. Just as once a week, a decent mountain hike for the day, if you prefer to combine sport with the pleasure of communing with nature.

How firm the thighs? – Massage

Massage works wonders, even if the thighs. Firms, models, it reduces cellulite. Thigh massage shower, and a strong stream of cool water from the bottom up, and then hands the occasion of rubbing in a cream or lotion. It’s important to do it every day, preferably twice a day: in the morning and evening. Homemade solutions for cellulite are within each of us, and their action is really effective.

How firm the thighs? – Peeling, compress or mask

With the treatments, you can have a slimmer legs 2, 3 cm – of course combined with a proper diet and regularity of the treatments. Use it once or twice a week, and you will see that it will improve skin tone, and a few cm thigh circumference will disappear after a month internet sites for moms. Start by peeling hydrochloric acid.

salt peeling

A handful of salt, mix with a spoon of olive oil. Fool on hand and rub the thighs, then rinse with warm water, alternately cold.

mud mask

The finished mask distribute on the thighs, wrap them transparent film, and then a hot towel. After 30 minutes, rinse.

The mask of white clay

Mix 100 g of white clay, add 7-8 drops of the slurry grapefruit oil. Apply the thigh wrap them with foil and a towel. After 20 minutes, wash and pat a little olive oil.

Compress with algae, horsetail and green clay

To add powdered seaweed decoction of horsetail and green clay (decoction: pour a glass of boiling water sachet of herbs), so that they have the consistency of cream. Put the thighs, wrap with foil and hold 20 minutes.

    perfect legs

    Superfigura through exercises in the bath

  • perfect legs

  • Superfigura through exercises in the bath
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